As far as I´m concerned, it all started when my life companion began to play Swedish Folk Music. It seemed as if she was going to continue for the rest of her life. I understood that my choice was between leaving home – or taking up Swedish Folkmusic.

In my youth I played the piano in dance-bands, with jazz in my heart, as jazz was cherished in the dance-bands of that age, before the appearance of the electric instruments.

I had to exclude the fiddle – it would take too long to learn. I was in a hurry if I would catch the train. But wait – once in my youth I had been playing the clarinet! Certainly just for a short period but anyhow – maybe I could take it up again?

I started exercising immediately. I will say thank you to my first comrade players which had both hearts and brains not to criticize my shortcomings. As time went by it started to come out quite presentable. I always played mostly with fiddles, and that has influenced my way of playing a great deal.

To meet and play is among the most pleasant things I know – and it happens quite often nowadays. The beauty of the sound – the qualities that are melting together, our own special music that is born in some blessed moment. The photographer Leo Stolpe remarked: Strong synergi effects you have in your group.


I think he ment that UddaJämt is above the very sum of the parts of Bosse + Minge + Ulf... or what else?

You´ll be hearing from us -















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