Hello.  My musical background started when I was born and I have always made music in different ways, choirs, singing groups, pop bands, trubadure, street singer, always with my guitar in hand. The folk music hit me like an earthquake when I was growned up and I started to maltreat an old violin. I met Minge already in 1980 at a folk high-school in Sveg when I was an interested folk music novice. In the middle of 1990s we met again and started to play tunes from e.g. Medelpad county.


Since I was growned up in Stockholm city without tradition in folk music I became a folk music omnivore, playing traditional tunes from many counties in Sweden (Värmland, Dalarna, Hälsingland, Medelpad, Härjedalen). At times when I didn't remember the tunes I started to improvise. Now, the music is singing everywhere for me, among the leaves, in the car engine, in the spring water flow. Many tunes just exist in the present and should be disappeared if not Minge was a living tape recorder.


Nowadays, I love to play and test all types of old and new instruments in folk music tunes, mandoline, mandola, harmonies, rhythm instruments, my voice...but still sensitive and graceful polska tunes on violin.


I'm playing in different groups but with a strong love to UddaJämt. When I'm not playing you can find me lecturing and researching about land, water and environment.




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